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It's Time for a Quality Mix

Do you need help with the mixing phase of your project? QualityMixing.com and In Fidelity Recordings offer mixing and mastering services worldwide.

Advances in recording technology and drastic reductions in equipment costs have made it possible for many artists to record their own music. However, sometimes it's hard to get the final mix to sound the way you want.

Additionally, some people don't live in an area where a professional recording facility even exists, so getting help along the way can be difficult. We have collaborated with clients from all around the world. Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia. Files can be transfered to us in a variety of formats, and they can be sent over the internet or through standard mail on CD/DVD. Please have your engineer talk to our engineers to ensure that files are properly transfered.

There are a few variables that will determine the cost to mix your songs. We will gladly discuss the project ahead of time by phone at (818) 786-3144 (ask for David) or by email at david@infidelityrecordings.com

In the meantime, here are some basic prices for the most common types of mixing projects we see:

Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Electronica Mixes mixtape style (the instrumental music is already mixed down to its own track) $75 individually tracked intrumental plus vocals $100-$150 per song Rock, Pop, Metal (live bands) $100 to $250 per song

The studio's engineers have experience in many forms of music ranging from hip hop and r&b to rock and metal, country and jazz, electronica...

Hundreds of satisfied customers can attest to our exceptional personal service. Our experienced engineers treat every project with care and attention to detail.

The recording and mixing studio is conveniently located in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA. We are proud to have customers from all over the world...as far away as Australia and Japan, and as nearby as San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, and the rest of California.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I mix a hip hop vocal?

How do I mix drums

What are some tips or techniques for getting that professional quality sound in my mixes?

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